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HSW.74 Horizontal Sliding Wall

Panda Windows & Doors

HSW.74 Horizontal Sliding Wall

Horizontal Sliding Wall

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Folding Door Folding Door

Aluminum-Clad Wood Aluminum-Clad Wood

Imitation Wood (Laminated or Textured), Painted Imitation Wood (Laminated or Textured), Painted

Exterior Door Exterior Door

Design Options

Product Description

The Panda S.74 Aluminum/Wood Folding Door System is custom made to order and consists of extruded aluminum frames cladded with nearly limitless options for types of wood. This system keeps a weather tight seal when closed, but when open maximizes the opening by over 90 %.

Energy Efficiency

Panda offers thermally-broken aluminum frame options to help reduce the transfer of heat or cold into air conditioned spaces.

Flexible Design

Double your space by connecting outdoor areas. Create room dividers. The flexibility offered by Panda door systems is limitless.

Healthy Spaces

Panda’s expansive glass door systems enhance interior areas with natural daylighting and fresh outdoor air.

Unmatched Performance

Whether in extreme temps, high-force winds, or flooding… Panda systems perform their best when they are needed most.

When the view matters

Panda glass doors are engineered with clean lines to enhance natural views with minimal obstruction.



Max: 3' 6"


Max: 10' 0"


Standard Sizes: 2-5/8"

Door Hardware




Frame Finish



Painted (AAMA 2604) 

Leaf Finish



Painted (AAMA 2604) 

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